Invitation: Italian Wine Class at Dante Pizzeria Napoletana

Hosted by Agi Toth, Wine Professional & Nick Strawhecker, Executive Chef, Dante Pizzeria Napoletana

Join us for a wine & food tasting to some of Italy’s premier wine regions  In her first wine class at Dante’s, Agi will be introducing the topic of Italian wines on Sunday, December 12, at 3:30 pm.

We’ll start with a light, refreshing bubbly, Bricco Riella’s 2009 Moscato d’Asti, a traditional favorite from the Piemonte region made from the fantastically fragrant Moscato grape.  Next, to highlight some of Italy’s unique, indigenous white varietals, Giuseppe Savini’s 2009 Pecorino, offers the classic minerality and complex aromas that make it such a good pairing with food.  Following the whites, we move to one of Italy’s most sought after regions, Valpolicella, to taste Villabella’s 2005 Ripasso, kid sister to Amarone, two wines made with dried grapes.  Finally, in the Southern region of Campania, Terra di Briganti presents us with its robust, full-bodied, barrel-aged 2007 Aglianico, made with organically grown grapes.

Until then, cheers!


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